Learn About Section 8 Housing in South Carolina

South Carolina Section 8 housing is offered to qualified residents of the state who are having difficulty finding adequate and affordable housing for their families. HUD (Housing and Urban Development Department) is the federal agency responsible for funding, while each individual county in South Carolina has its own agency who distributes the vouchers. The housing authority in each county, called PHA (public housing authority), selects qualified candidate for low income housing, then makes certain that these candidates are placed on a wait list for affordable housing.

Section 8 in SC has been renamed to the Housing Choice Voucher Program, but they are essentially the same program. Low income housing rentals are made available to new applicants as soon as an opening occurs within the county of application. Find out more about Section 8 housing in SC from the following topics:

  • Section 8 eligibility in South Carolina
  • How to apply for Section 8 housing in South Carolina
  • Information about Section 8 waiting lists in South Carolina
  • Section 8 denials in South Carolina

Learn About Section 8 Requirements in South Carolina

What are the qualifications for low income housing in SC? A very large determining factor for Section 8 eligibility is a household’s combined income. The state requires that the applicant be considered low income. This means that the applicant must earn less than the the average salary of 50 percent of the population within the applicant’s region.

What are the requirements for Section 8? In SC, the requirements are comprised of three key areas of focus: household income, citizenship status and a background check. Of these categories, income and the background check are crucial. Only one person within the household needs to be an actual US citizen in order to apply.

One of the more commonly asked questions is, “Do I qualify for Section 8 housing?” An applicant must realize that not only are they applying for assistance, but if there are family members who are over the age of 18, their income and background will also be scrutinized. Therefore, the housing authority will review the combined income of everyone in the household, as well as the criminal background of each adult residing in the home.

What do I need to apply for Section 8 in South Carolina? Initially, the applicant will only need to fill out the cover sheet, the pre-interview application form and the actual application form. If the housing authority agent believes that the household might qualify, an interview will be set. It is during this interview that the agent will ask very pointed questions about criminal records, delinquency situations or defaults, as well as any negative reports from former landlords.

Once the Section 8 interview has been successfully completed, the applicant will be asked to provide corroborating documentation such as: social security cards for all members of the household, federal, state or local subsidy paperwork, military records, driver’s license, voter registration card and birth certificate. Each housing authority has its own list of required documentation, so they will provide a list upon completion of the initial interview.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in South Carolina

The South Carolina HUD Section 8 application can be either printed out online from the county PHA office website, or picked up in person from the nearest office. The Section 8 housing application consists of three pages where the applicant will be asked to furnish personal information for everyone living in the household. Mistakes on this application will mean that the applicant may have to possibly wait up to a year before reapplying.

Knowing how to sign up for Section 8 housing correctly can mean avoiding having to wait a year to reapply due to mistakes. Candidates can register for Section 8 housing program benefits in person at any PHA office and receive assistance while doing so. There is an online application for low income housing available to candidates with internet access. Furthermore, petitioners can check status for section 8 application submissions by going online, calling or visiting the nearest housing authority office.

Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in South Carolina

The Section 8 housing program application waiting list is populated with candidates who are approved for the program, but are waiting for an available opening. The Section 8 house waiting list 2016 in SC is currently open in several counties. There are 41 housing authorities, but only 23 have openings. The rest are closed indefinitely.

When will the Section 8 waiting lists open? Depending on the applicant’s county, the wait list could be open. Many of the low income waiting lists remain open for seniors and the disabled. For those who would like to check waiting list status for Section 8, the South Carolina housing authority has a listing, and the applicant need only furnish the registration number issued in order to find information about Section 8 waiting lists.

Learn About Section 8 Denials in South Carolina

Section 8 denial letters are sent by the housing authority to the applicant in order to notify them of their rejection to the program. Upon receipt of the denial letter, applicants need to read it carefully to ascertain the reasons their application was denied. What are the reasons for Section 8 denial? For many, it is a simple mistake in filling out the forms. Once corrected, many will be allowed to resubmit. South Carolina Section 8 housing disqualifications of a more serious nature will include such issues as criminal records, arrests for dealing in illegal substances, or negative reviews from a former landlord where damage to the property or threats to others have are cited.

Here is what to do if a Section 8 application was denied: gather necessary documentation to refute the claims, if they are of a serious nature. For petitioners who still believe that their rejection is unjustified, there is an appeals process. Section 8 denial appeals in SC must be made within a few weeks of receipt of the denial letter, or the case will be considered closed. When determining how to appeal Section 8 denial verdicts, the denial letter provides specific directions. Usually, the applicant must first gather evidence, then petition for a review of the application. This can be done with the local housing authority. Once this meeting has taken place, if the PHA deems the application still ineligible, the applicant must wait another year to apply, depending on the circumstances disclosed.

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