Learn About Section 8 Houses for Rent

Recipients of the section 8, or Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), program are able to obtain rental assistance at a variety of different dwellings. Many Americans understand that HCV beneficiaries can find apartment rentals, but may not be aware that there are section 8 houses for rent. This is because qualifying residents can use their housing voucher for any rental that meets program standards with a landlord that accepts section 8. This means that apartments, houses, condominiums and townhomes can all qualify for rent. 

Because many HCV recipients are not aware that there are houses for rent that accept section 8, they are unsure of where to begin their search. However, finding a home to rent is similar to the process of finding an apartment. Moreover, because rental vouchers are portable, home-seekers are not limited to areas where rental homes are scarce. Continue reading below to learn more about finding houses for rent that take section 8 vouchers.

What are section 8 houses for rent?

New Housing Choice Voucher recipients are often unsure of the details of the program. Thus, many are surprised that there are section 8 houses for rent. Because homes typically require greater financial investments, HCV beneficiaries may not view renting one as a viable option. However, houses for rent the accept section 8 are available. 

Renting a home through HCVP is similar to renting an apartment unit. Beneficiaries pay no more than 30 percent of their incomes toward the rental cost while their local public housing authority (PHA) pays the rest. However, the rental cost set by the landlord must meet certain requirements. 

To put up section 8 approved housing for rent, the monthly rental cost must be at or greater than the fair market rent for the area. Tenants who want to rent a home with a monthly cost that is greater than the fair market amount can do so as long as they pay for the additional charge as their PHA will only pay 30 percent. 

How do I apply for houses for rent that take Section 8?

Because houses and apartments are two different types of dwellings, many HCVP recipients believe that section 8 approved houses for rent have a different application process than apartments. For the most part, that is not the case. The majority of the application process to begin renting a section 8 home is the same as renting an apartment unit.

Residents seeking housing assistance must first apply at the public housing authority in the area they want to live in. Different counties and even cities in the same county might have different income limits, rental costs and housing availability. Thus, it is important to conduct some research ahead of time and even apply at numerous PHAs. 

During the application process, residents will be required to supply a number of important personal details. These include:

  • Income.
  • Expenses.
  • Social Security Numbers (SSNs).
  • Amount of countable resources.

Then, if they are approved, they will be placed onto a waiting list to receive their section 8 voucher. 

How can I find section 8 houses for rent?

Because the majority of dwelling offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are apartments, residents think that finding section 8 houses for rent will be more challenging. However, that is not necessarily the case especially since there are numerous benefits to being a section 8 landlord.

To find affordable homes for rent, residents can conduct an online search with keywords, “Section 8 houses for rent near me.” Checking for homes to rent online will enable you to view more properties in less time. Many find this method to be more convenient than searching through newspapers or visiting locations on foot. 

It is important to note PHAs cannot help section 8 recipients find housing. Unlike with other HUD housing units, housing authorities are not permitted to suggest any type of housing to voucher holders. 

Are there any 3 bedroom section 8 houses for rent?

Some housing voucher recipients worry that they will not be able to find the right type of home, such as 3 bedroom section 8 houses, for rent. Fortunately, it is easier for larger families to find homes with more bedrooms than it is to find suitable apartments. Thus, house-hunters will be able to find the right houses for rent that take section 8.

Houses for rent by owner accepting section 8 are often more plentiful than those being advertised by a realty company. This is because homeowners are the ones who decide to accept section 8 vouchers. Moreover, landlords are the ones who receive the monthly payments from both tenants and PHAs.

How much do Section 8 houses for rent cost? 

Housing Choice Voucher recipients are concerned about how section 8 approved housing for rent costs. Because houses are often larger than apartments, townhomes and condominiums, they cost more even with the help of housing voucher. However, different areas of the United States, even individual cities have different rental costs. For instance, homes in rural areas are typically less expensive than homes in urban areas. 

It is important to understand that houses for rent that take section 8 vouchers will still only cost 30 percent of the household’s income. This means that larger families who earn more will likely be able to find a home that they can afford.

How do I know which are the houses for rent that accept Section 8? 

Without the help of their public housing authority caseworker, some residents worry that it will be difficult to find a section 8 houses on their own. However, it is easy to find out which are the houses for rent that accept section 8.

The easiest way to find out which homes accept section 8 vouchers is to check online. Landlords who accept section 8 tenants usually indicate that information in their listing. However, prospective tenants can also call the landlord and ask. Moreover, a visit to the property and discussion with the homeowner can help you determine if the home is approved for section 8.